Changes to the Confidence Code

Hi folks,

Unfortunately I couldn't attend the September support session, so I missed the presentations by NEA, BEIS et al. I've just taken up the reins as champion for High Peak CVS in Derbyshire, so am catching up with changes since last year's project. One thing in the NEA slides has furrowed my brow - so I'm hoping someone might clarify for me. The page about Effective Competition describes Changes to Confidence Code for switching sites including:

1 - removal of the requirement for a ‘whole market’ comparison of tariffs;
2 - replace with a partial view only those tariffs sites can switch.
I can't see how this improves market competition, if the comparison sites are reducing the range of suppliers they present. Could someone explain this for me?!
When does this change come into effect?
Many thanks.

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  • Hi Peter,

    There is some information here in regards to the confidence code review:

    There was a consultation around it that ended on the 28th of September but I haven't heard anything more about the changes being implemented as of yet. I use the Citizens Advice switching tool as they have all suppliers on still and have been told that this wont be affected by the changes. It can be found at

    Hope this helps somewhat.

    James Stratton

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