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Monthly Report Deadline - 8th January

The deadline for submitting the monthly report for December is 8th January. This report is to be submitted via SurveyMonkey and the link is here:

As a reminder you are required to report each month on the number of consumers who have consented to the evaluation which will be undertaken by BMG Research. The evaluation will consist of a 10-15 minutes telephone interview. This information is essential to provide us with the evidence of the effectiveness of the programme and it will also help to improve delivery further.

Where consumers have consented you will need to complete form BESN 1A and email this to

Each organisation needs to submit one Case Study during the BESN Programme and if you already have a Case Study please email this to

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Interim Report - November

The deadline for submitting the interim report for November is 3rd December. This report is to be submitted via SurveyMonkey and the link is here:

As a reminder you are required to report each month on the number of consumers who have consented to the evaluation which will be undertaken by BMG Research. The evaluation will consist of a 10-15 minutes telephone interview. This information is essential to provide us with the evidence of the effectiveness of the programme and it will also help to improve delivery further.

Where consumers have consented you will need to complete form BESN 1A and email this to

Each organisation needs to submit one Case Study during the BESN Programme and if you already have a Case Study please email this to

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September/October Report Due

The first BESN Monthly Summary is due covering the period September/October. The monthly summary must be compiled and submitted by 6th November. This summary must be submitted via SurveyMonkey.

Please follow the link below and submit your report – you will need to submit this in one sitting as you are unable to save!

Alongside the SurveyMonkey you are required to submit to DECC your Monthly Consumer Data for all consumers who consented to the independent evaluation. Therefore, please email BESN1A – Consumer Sign in Sheet to In the subject line of the email please write in the following format: 'BESN organisation name - Monthly Consumer Data'.

All evaluation documents including the reporting guidance can be found in the Resource section.

As a reminder if your organisation received funding to deliver Big Energy Saving Week you cannot use the details of Consumers engaged as part of the week in your BESN Monthly Summary.

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uSwitch QR Code Comparison

Most energy bills now have a QR Code which you can scan and use to look for the best energy deal. uSwitch has developed an app (only for iphones currently) which you can download, use to scan your bill and then this will undertake a comparison.

download the app

If you wish to find out more about QR codes and uSwitch's version please click here.

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Big Energy Saving Week is fast approaching and will begin on Monday 26th October. BESW provides a great opportunity to those in the network to promote the key messages, develop partnerships and get involved with the events throughout the week.

In preparation for Monday DECC has provided you with early access to the Social Media Pack which provides a library of tweets, tips, posts and images you can use throughout the week via social media. The use of the contents is embargoed until 00:01 on Monday 26th but feel free to use the run-up to Monday to fine-tune your social media plans and activities and to align your content to that of BESW.

The social media pack can be downloaded here.

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Evaluation and Reporting

The BESN evaluation, reporting documents and guidance can now be found on the BESN Website within the 'Resources' section.

Each BESN organisation is required to submit a monthly summary of activities (by SurveyMonkey) and details from consumer sign-in sheets (by email in Excel). Full details can be found in the guidance.

The link to SurveyMonkey will be provided shortly. As a reminder the reporting deadlines are:

  1. Monthly Summary for September/October:                       4 November 2015
  2. Interim Report for November:                                            3 December 2015
  3. Monthly Summary for December:                                      8 January 2016
  4. Interim Report for January:                                                3 February 2016
  5. Monthly Summary February:                                             3 March 2016
  6. Final report                                                                        24 March 2016

If you have any questions please contact the BESN Team via email:

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Thank you to everyone that has attended a BESN Workshop over the past 2 weeks - its been great to meet you and to hear about plans for taking forward your BESN projects. There are still a number of Workshops to take place and if you are yet to confirm your attendance, please contact as soon as possible. The agenda can be viewed here.

Workshops are due to take place on:

Plymouth - 6th October

Bristol - 7th October

Manchester - 13th October

Peterborough - 14th October

Brighton - 20th October

London - 21st October

At the Workshops which have already taken place, Champions and Volunteers had the opportunity to hear from Guy Thompson at My Utility Genius who delivered this presentation on switching sites. Jimmy Pugh from NEA also provided a Policy Update covering fuel debt, switching and Ofgem's Prepayment review.

Some great discussions have been taking place at the Workshops. NEA is capturing this so we can share it across the Network via this website. Feedback from the first 3 workshops is now available covering tips to encourage consumers to act on the advice they receive to reduce their fuel bills and good practice in capturing consumer data.

Thanks again for taking the time to attend and we look forward to meeting you at the upcoming Workshops.

The BESN Team

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As part of this year’s BESN programme, DECC and NEA are organising a series of BESN Information & Networking Workshops for Champions. A draft programme is available here for further information and to give you a feel for the themes and topics which will be covered.

The workshops will provide an opportunity to ask questions, share information and engage with other members of the Network. All Champions are required to attend one of these Workshops and we also have limited spaces available for Volunteers if this would be helpful. Representatives from the BESN Team will be attending the sessions and look forward to meeting you.

Based on the preferences indicated in your BESN application forms, the workshops will take place at:

• LONDON - 24 September
• YORK - 29 September
• MANCHESTER - 30 September
• BIRMINGHAM - 1 October
• PLYMOUTH - 6 October
• BRISTOL - 7 October
• MANCHESTER - 13 October
• PETERBOROUGH - 14 October
• BRIGHTON - 20 October
• LONDON - 21 October

To run these workshops effectively we need a minimum number of attendees and unfortunately due to low demand, we have had to drop a few of the planned locations. You will need to register your attendance for one of the Workshops by emailing NEA’s with your preferred location by the 16th September. Please indicate to Lynsey if you have any dietary or access requirements.

We look forward to seeing you at the Workshops!

The BESN Team

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New Training Materials are now available

Welcome to the Big Energy Saving Network 2015/16! We are delighted to be working with you to deliver this year’s programme.

DECC has commissioned NEA to develop an e-learning training course for this year's Network Champions and Volunteers. The online course has been specifically designed to help you deliver the key messages and objectives of the BESN programme.

DECC and NEA recommend that all Champions and Volunteers (where possible) complete the e-learning course as soon as possible and before their attendance at a Practical Information and Networking Workshop. Once you have successfully completed the course and short multiple choice quiz there will be an opportunity to gain an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate (awaiting accreditation).

In order to access the e-learning, please read the step-by-step guide which explains how to create your user account. If you encounter any difficulties accessing the course, contact NEA’s Colin Dunn.

To support the e-learning course, NEA have prepared the following documents which are all available for you to download from the BESN Resources page:

• Champion Resource File containing key training information and hand-outs
• A presentation and accompanying script to aid the delivery of your Frontline Worker training sessions
• An information hand-out to be left with Frontline Workers at the end of their training.

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Updates coming soon!

The website will be updated very soon in anticipation of the 2015-16 Big Energy Saving Network! Keep an eye out for new resources and training materials, dates for the BESN workshops and much more information.


Thanks, the BESN Team

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Launch of the 2015/16 Big Energy Saving Network

DECC is delighted to announce that the application process for the 2015/16 Big Energy Saving Network has launched today. The guidance notes and application form are available to download here. Please note the deadline for receipt of completed applications is 10pm on the 17 July 2015.

Eligible third sector organisations and community groups from across Great Britain are encouraged to apply and we welcome applications from previous members of the Network.

We have amended the application form and guidance and are expecting a high level of interest in this year’s programme. Therefore, please read the guidance notes and pay careful attention to the questions in the application form. All bids will be rigorously assessed against the grant criteria outlined in the guidance. Remember, we can only take into consideration the information contained in your application form so please ensure you provide all the required information.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us using BESN 2015/16 Query in the subject line of your email.

Thank you for your interest in the Big Energy Saving Network.

Kind regards,
The BESN Team

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Thank You

Thank you for submitting your BESN Final Reports and Case Studies - the Team appreciate your help and diligence in submitting reports and case studies on time.

If you have any queries please contact us at

The BESN Team

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Chesshire Lehmann Fund – open for applications

The Chesshire Lehmann Fund is currently open to applications with a closing date of Friday 1st May 2015. The Trustees aim to support academics and community groups/not-for-profit organisations based in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who wish to undertake active research or evaluation into the relationship between fuel poverty and energy efficiency. The Fund runs two streams: Academic Research and Community Action. All details, 2015 funding priorities and the application forms are available on the Chesshire Lehmann Fund website at For enquiries please email

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Share you BESN photos!

If you have been able to take any photos of your BESN events/activities, please do share them with the BESN Team as we are really keen to build up a bank of images demonstrating your projects and the type of activity delivered through the Network. Do upload your images to the 'Photo's section of this website, or please feel free to email them to the BESN mailbox and simply include a brief caption on what the image depicts.

We'll aim to share the best pics in future editions of the BESN Newsletter.

Thanks for your help with this!

The BESN Team  

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Funding announced for 2015-16 BESN programme

The chancellor George Osborne has announced in today's pre-election Budget that the Government will fund another year of the Big Energy Saving Network programme and Big Energy Saving Week campaign in 2015-16. The Budget in full is available here and the following excerpt about BESN is on page 56:

•The government is committed to improving competition in energy markets, to lower bills for consumers and drive efficiencies and innovation. In February 2015, the government launched the ‘Power to Switch’ campaign to help consumers reduce their energy bills by shopping around for the best possible deal. Over 300,000 households switched electricity supplier in February, up 30% on the same period in 2014. Households switching energy supplier via a price comparison website are currently saving an average of around £300 on their annual energy bill as a result.
•The government commits to respond quickly to any recommendations from the Competition and Markets Authority’s ongoing investigation into energy markets and to take forward appropriate implementation as quickly as possible. The government will also provide £1.3 million to fund the Big Energy Saving Network in 2015-16 (£1million funding for the BESN which is the same as this year and the remainder will support the Big Energy Saving Week in October 2015, exact dates TBC). This will enable the BESN frontline workers to reach a predicted 100,000 vulnerable individuals, helping them to cut their energy bills.

The BESN Team are delighted that the Network will continue for a third year and that its value and impact has been recognised by Government. This is down to your hard work and achievements in delivering the objectives of the BESN. We are really proud of the Network and look forward to receiving your Final Reports and Case Studies by the 20th March to help us understand the overall impact of this year's programme.

Thank you for your continued effort in making the Network a great success!

The BESN Team

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We hope your BESN projects are going well - please remember that your BESN Final Report and 2 Case Studies are due for submission by the 20th March. Please do refer to the last Members Newsletter (issued on the 12 March & available in the 'Resources' section of this website) for further guidance on submitting both your Final Report and Case Studies.

Your Final Report needs to be submitted to DECC via SurveyMonkey using this link (please only access the link when you are ready to complete your entry in one-sitting). It is important that you also complete and save an electronic copy of the information submitted in your final report for your own record.

Kind regards,

The BESN Team

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